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Plan sponsors can manage their data and view reports on our Employer Self Service (ESS) Portal.


Contact Us

Click here to view the OCERS

Contact Directory.


Informational Update Meetings for Employers

Click here to view the OCERS Informational Update Meetings for Plan Sponsor.


Employer Circular Letters


Click here to view the OCERS

Employer Circular Letters.


Employer Forms


Please print, sign and return the completed form(s) to OCERS.


Some forms may contain sensitive information and should never be sent via Email, Web, or Instant Messaging without proper security and/or encryption protection.


 Form Employee Termination Notice instructions

Form Member Affidavit instructions

 Form Employee Transfer Notice instructions Form PEPRA Member Affidavit instructions

 Form New Pay Code Request

Form Retirement Plan Election / Member Affidavit

 Form IRC Section 415 Notice for 2019

Form Elected Official / Member Affidavit

Form Social Security SSA-1945 Form City of SJC / Member Affidavit
Form Waiver of Membership Form Employer Concurrence - Waiver of Membership
Form Member Affidavit in Reciprocal System  

   instructions available 

 *All forms require Adobe Reader to view. PDF


Employer Procedures

Pay Item Request and Approval Procedures pdf document


Employer Resources

An Introduction to OCERS (for County of Orange employees only)

OCERS has prepared an introduction on the retirement system specifically for persons interested in working for the County of Orange or those newly-hired County employees who have more questions about OCERS. Click here to read more.


OC Courts Benefit Formula Comparison Sheet

Here is a link to view and print the OC Superior Court Benefit Formula Comparison Sheet


Compensation and Benefit Limits for 2019

401(a)(17) $280,000
SSI (PEPRA Plans U, V and W) $149,016
415(m) $225,000


Compensation and Benefit Limits for 2018

401(a)(17) $275,000
SSI (PEPRA Plans U, V and W) $145,666
415(m) $220,000


Compensation and Benefit Limits for 2017

401(a)(17) $270,000
SSI (PEPRA Plans U, V and W) $142,530
415(m) $215,000


Contract City Resources

Public Pension Plan Primer

Here is a link to view and print "A Public Pension Plan Primer" presentation.

Projected Employer Contribution Rate Illustrations

Click here to view three different market rate of return scenarios and how those would impact employer contribution rates and OCERS' funded status.


Employer and Employee Pension Cost Contribution Comparison

Click here to view a contribution comparison spreadsheet showing various contribution rate provisions paid by employees and employers across several rate groups and plans.


OCERS Portfolio Performance Report

Click here to view OCERS' portfolio performance report which includes trailing returns for the 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 year spans as of April 30, 2014.


Employer News

PEPRA overview

OCERS has prepared a summary of how the Public Employees Pension Reform Act (PEPRA) impacts our employers. Click here to view the overview.


Employer and Employee Contribution Rates and Rate Groups

Click here to view the Contribution rates and rate group(s) for your agency.

Actuarial Cost of Early Retirement Incentive
This information is being provided to assist Plan Sponsors who may have questions regarding Early Retirement Incentives. This in no way indicates that the Plan Sponsor is considering an Early Retirement Incentive. Click here to view the actuarial cost of providing an Early Retirement Incentive (ERI) for your agency.

Social Security Protection Act of 2004
Beginning January 1, 2005, any new employee who becomes a member of OCERS must sign Form SSA-1945. An original, signed copy of the form must be submitted by the new employee's Plan Sponsor to OCERS before employment begins, and it should be sent along with the Member Affidavit.


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