myOCERS Registration and Support

All users need to register and create a myOCERS user account.


If you have already registered for a myOCERS account, please proceed to the Login page


How to Register for a new account:

1.  After navigating to myOCERS, click on the Register link,
     it is on the lower left of the Member Log In window.

2.  Accept disclaimer.

3Enter requested verification information.

4.  Create your User Name and Password.

5.  Log in to myOCERS.

Registration Support:

If you experience difficulties registering and are unable to complete the process after several attempts, contact us at (714) 558-6200 or send an email to with your name, phone number, and the error message you are receiving.


myOCERS User Guide and Support Documentation:

Download Adobe Reader

Required to view forms and
publications on this Web site.


In order to login and use the myOCERS Portal, you must use one of the following supported browsers:



  Microsoft Internet Explorer

  Version 10 and above


  Mozilla Firefox (all platforms)

  Version 24 and above


  Google Chrome (Windows and Mac)

  Version 47.0.2526 and above


  Safari (Mac)

  Version 9.0.2 and above